Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Self Esteem and Confidence

Somebody tell me:
Try these steps to cultivate self esteem and confidence in your child.
1.Encourage her/him positively, and help her/him succeed in everything she/he does or tries to do.
2.Praise her/him when she/he succeeds [and or trying]. This boosts her/his self-esteem and gives her/him greater confidence to take on new challenges.
3.Let your child know you believe in her ability to do well.
4.Play with her as much as possible .When playing ,let her take the lead.

Being a young parent you might not know what you want,what to do. So do not be shy to ask other people about parenting.Especially so if your child is not normal, such as autism, down syndrome, had congenital heart diseases, asthma,cerebral palsy, etc......

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Positive Attitude

from dr Candice Chia's note

To succeed you need to polish up your communication skills and cultivate a positive ,winning attitude towards your work/ study.

10 tips of how to acquire a positive attitude:
1.strive to be happy.for every minute you get upset with somebody, you lose 60 seconds of happyness that you can never get back.
2.treasure the people who are good to you and forgive those who hurt you.
3.practice turning negative thoughts into positives ones. to yourself continuously in a positive manner and you will feel better , look more confident and achieve greeter success.
5.treat as many people as you can with kindness and respect. do this everyday and you will stay upbeat and cheerful.
6.prepare yourself to accept changes in life , read self-help books or attend talks on the subject.
7.set realistic and achievable goals to motivate yourself.write them down and read them regularly to remind yourself. books , listen cds or watch videos on motivation succes.
9.attend motivational seminars or workshops regularly.
10. look after your health by getting adequate rest , eating sensibly and exercising regularly.

i think if we can do 7 out of 10 tips above, you will score as a positive attitude person. if you are a student, being positive means already pass the exam. a little bit more of effort means you score A on the subject.

Confucious quote

Do not unto others what you do not want others to do unto you.