Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Medical Certificate

Patients when come to see doctors always without fail will request for medical certificate.By enlarge it become the most importance reason for workers to come to see general practitioner.Workers absent without MC [medical certificate] can be taken on disciplinary action such as cut part of their salary, or even terminated from work. In Malaysia if workers fail to present MC for 3 or more days absent could be terminated by the employer.
1.Recently our Director General The Ministry of Health announce that MC given by GP [general practitioner] for more than 2 days continuously for cases like chicken pox is legal and there is no need to be endorse by Government Doctor.
2.Each MC should be lasted until 12 midnight.Those patient on shift duty or on flight should be given proper consideration.
3.According to The Malaysian Medical Act, 1971.the ordinary MC cannot be use for court proceeding.The proper MC must follow the format in the Medical Act 1971.{Certificate of Unfitness to attend court}. The MC had legally binding and we are accountable to it .
4.Endorsement of MC which was certified by other GP, only required when the company are on our panel.And can only be endorse after we satisfy the reasons [diagnosis] the patient given for the MC.The usual case are obstetric ,hospital admission and infectious diseases.
5.It is understandable for; workers is compulsory to informed the employer immediately after they were given the MC by the doctor and not to wait until he fit to come to work.
6.Workers are entitle to receive full salary during the MC period, until a specific quota days used up. Some company will give 22 days MC not including hospitalization, surgery, and terminal illness.Some company will give more.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


i think chlorox is the cheapest anti septic available. it cost you about RM 3 perlitre.study shows it can kill bacteria, virus, fungal and others as much as 99%. Most of us using it without knowing the real benefit of it.Some of us using chlorox just for the purpose of to whitening the school shirt.There are so many brand beside chlorox in the market and at a very competitive price.
1. if you have anybody at home who had bacterial infection like impetigo, abscess, or infected wound, you should soak all the cloths in it for few minutes,it will kill all the bacteria.Just be aware that your colorful cloth might become white overnight.
2.if you have kitchen utensil which is very dirty or stained, just soak in a pale of water with added half a cup of chlorox. It will be clean as new, but don't forget to clean it again with a lot of water.
3.if you bathroom is dirty, you can clean it with spraying chlorox overnight.all the germ will be gone. the cleaning on next day also very much easier,and the bathroom smell nicer. Those who do cleaning service in the public toilet , at the airport, mosque, bus stations etc should use it more often because it is cost effective.

p/s. i am not selling chlorox . and not receiving any benefit from the sale of it.