Thursday, May 7, 2009

Electrostatic Therapy

Yesterday I passed through a row of shoplot nearby to my clinic. I noticed there was heavy activity inside the shop. It was full of old folk, whom some of them, I know.

There was a big banner at the shop; "wellcome for free electrostatic therapy". No risk, can cure your hypertension, stroke, diabetes, asthma, gout, and other illnesses. Certified by thousand of doctors of Japan. No wonder it is full house, because it is free.

I wounder what kind of treatment these people get.What benefit did they get. I just don't have chance to try the therapy because most of their patient I know. I have treated them somehow, or may be met at the mosque.I have been practiced in this town for 15 years already.

If anybody know about electrostatic therapy , please write in.I want to hear your view.


nooryahaya said...

Orthodox medicine has not found an answer to your complaint.
However, luckily for you, I happen to be a quack.

Definition: Electropathy - The treatment of disease by electricity.

Why my sudden interest in electropathy? Recently there has been considerable interest by consumers in electro-static therapy or something similar using electricity. Free treatment signs for anyone and everyone from children to adults and the elderly are up at major department stores/outlets and consumers are shuttling great distances just to get this treatment at "less crowded" sites! Many branches have been opened and more are planned.

The pamphlet that I have claims, "Blood Cleansing, Improve Immune System, Regulate Involuntary Nervous System." Helps in Heart Disease, Diabetes, Asthma, Osteoporosis, High or Low Blood Pressure, Stroke, Constipation, Insomnia, Rheumatism, and to top it all Prevention of Chronic Diseases. My favourite is its ability to help autoregulate blood pressure. Give me a break!

A device that can do all that and has been around for many years in Japan! Wonder why only now we poor souls were considered to share in this great therapy! Not to mention names, but a lot of people who I know have been singing praises. You know you do this for 20 minutes a day and your urine will be clear and all aches and pains will disappear. The "man" or "lady" informs that you must also exercise and take your medication regularly and drink a lot of water. Wait! Isn't that what all we doctors have been saying all the while...exercise, take your medication regularly and drink water.

Lets look at it objectively, if one takes his/her medication regularly, exercise and is well hydrated will it not help manage whatever disease he or she is having. In addition when you are well hydrated, will not your urine be clear?

The catch is, if more and more people queue for this treatment, there will be a greater number wanting to buy this device. The cost? Around Rm 17,000! You may also get a discount!

nooryahaya said...

nooryahaya said...

It's not wonder la kan they said "The best things in life are free!" Hiks! And truly, this therapy memang very der wonder der wonderrously fantabulous; and whats better, the treatment is free - mati la charity work, noh? Hiks!

This therapy is not like those therapy yang Akak attended for my back injuries, bukan also seperti therapy yang diattend bilamana you need help and you pay like MYR500 per session just sitting there in the room, melangut tgk siling, cakap tah pa per, and the person attendin' to your case tu sebok draw sketches of muka orang, or evening dresses atas writing padnye, kan? Hiks! This is "Electrostatic therapy"; apakah?

Well, dalam bahasa mudah dipahami; its like therapy yang mengunakan cas electrostatic yang disalurkan kedalam your body to improve your body's blood circulation, removing acids yang might just block the blood's pathway dalam badan kite, plus, yang penting, it gets to slim down body miew.. Tak percaye? Percaye lah! Akak bukan nak promo kosong2 ok. Nihhh... ha... buktiewnye, Akak dah cuba, Akak can see the difference dos - C.A. and Tokwanrock also can tell already. Well, maybe not much tapi ade la perbezaannye... Come, lets take a closer look, apekebendenye menatang iniew?

Jgn tanye Akak why its free - Akak pun tak pasti tapi Akak just thanks gods jer lah its free! Trimakasih Molita!!! Hiks!

Of course setiap perubatan got la its kesan2, kan? Ha - kesan2nye either sakit u ols itiew berkurangan, or akan bertambah dulu before it berkurangs; either way, end result, pasti memuaskan hatiew!

Carta tindabalas penyembuhan serta punca sakit itiew... Go through one by one, who knows? Ade jugak antara korang yang ado terselit2 dicelah2 punca2 sakit?

There's more nah...
And the following pix Akak snappy2 during my therapy session yang selalunye packed, padat - sebab its free and it works! Ini semua BBM la yang introducekan kat I ols. Ha, now, mrasa I ols piuler yang introducekan kat u ols u ols yang belom tau pasal therapy iniew...

Katanya darah yang bersih, nan ado asid. Ha, hat yang tak bersih berasid bagai tu, mrasalah Molita iniew can hakiskan and buangkan terus asid2 tu supaya darah u ols jadi bersih sejatiew! Hiks!

Ha, iniew lah mesinnye Molita si elektrostatik therapy itiew! Sekali duduk, time will be set to 30 minutes usage per person daily. Nak duduk lama2? Akak tak guarantee pa pe eh - satgi hangit, Akak no komen! LOL!

Molita Electrostatic Therapy - penyaluran 9000v tu melalui wayar2 itiew ler...

Dannn disalurkan ke seat dan u ols just sit on the pad itiew; mrasalah first time Akak pegi Akak was like - "Motif penyaluran voltage melalui vontots? Harusla kemutan akan jadi power lagi kah?" OPS! Lalalalala!

Dan yang penting, nak gi therapy nih ado kena patuhi 4 rukun katanya - Apakah? Hey! Baca lah! Akak dah penat2 snappy2 tempek2, nak juger Akak potpetpotpet - penat tau! Hehehe!

And speaking about penat, nah, tanda2, symptom2 proses therapy dosi mula bertindak; especially for those first timers. Mrasalah Akak dah masuk end of first week pon tetap lah penat dan lesu; cuma mengantuk tu jer Akak cannot figure out pi mana dalam badan Akak. Akak penat, lesu, but dinch pulak mengantuk; must be those Nescafes kot? OPS!

Ha, yang penting - betul katanye sign iniew; "Pencegahan awal adalah lebih baik dari berubat..."; kan? Katanye... "Prevention is better than cure" ley?

So far Akak dah attended this therapy daily, everyday (except for Sundays sebab Sunday depa off day), for the past 2 weeks, can see the results lah. Berat badan turun, perut ngandiungs also nan ado dos, my back pain and migraine pun ala ala macam berkurangan lah tapi during the first week, memang seksa la back pain and migraine Akak. Sakit, wa cakap sama lu, tarak tahan wooo! Tapi its for the best; masuk second week dosi kureng sikit sakitnye but still there la, mana ade 100% cured, kan?

Tapi yang pastinya, one thing Akak terpaksa lalui from day 1 up till today - PENAT and LESU; itu dah awal2 they warned berkemungkinan akan menyerang setiap pesakit yang datang merawat menggunakan therapy nih. Maybe thats what making Akak malas? OPS! Mati la alasan!!!

In Kedah/ Alor Star Akak dengar ade banyak centers; in Subang Jaya also got - so for those yang interested, cuba sokseksoksek dengan kawan2 sekeliling aunty2 uncle2 bagai - find for MOLITA tau bukan jenama lain; jenama therapy len Akak tak suggest promo pa per ehhh... ;)

PS: Akak rase semenjak goin' for this therapy kan, mrasalah my days berlalu pantas sangat, tatau pasaipa. Hurmmm....